Streets of Rage

I don’t usually discuss socio-political issues, but… ,my  stepdad has a nasty habit of leaving 24 hour news on for around 24 hours a day, and I can’t sit with that for so long, and especially not in the last few days. I’ll try and sum it up for those of you outside the UK and out of range of phone hacking.

A person was apparently involved in a police related shooting in Tottenham, London, and a lot of youths have decided to retaliate by rioting. This is happening in several parts of London among other places, invariably poor people clothed for anonymity in hoods and masks, vandalising shops, stealing electronics and clothes. Because they can get away with it, because others are doing the same. It’s a mob mentality and if any of them had that shooting victim in mind when they set out, they’ve certainly been forgotten in favour of an HDTV. A peaceful protest could have illuminated any wrongdoings by the police officers involved, instead they’ve challenged the entire police force, ignoring their individuality and forsaking their own to be lost in a faceless crowd. They may feel they are owed something by society but their actions are those of thieves and vandals. You could even say terrorists, no doubt someone would challenge me on that but to me, they are inciting terror, making it unsafe for people to walk the streets. This  would probably be good news to certain groups to see Capitalism eating itself alive.

I’m quite frustrated at all of this, I’ve been attending a youth group for years, been sick with anxiety for a long time since  graduating University and long time unemployed but I would never consider doing any of that. Maybe people don’t feel police do their job well enough but it is a very difficult job to co-ordinate and is still done better than a lot of people do other jobs. Successful policing rarely gets heard about below the level of a manhunt. Failures, however are shown all over the media. People may be bitter at having seen friends or family imprisoned but those were largely for their own  wrongs, and even if they didn’t do anything, the officers who charged them wouldn’t know that. Anyway I see the need for police in this society, I long have. People might think they would be free without them, but they would surely not be safe.

Anyway, after decades of using electronics, I have found that modern ones don’t last as long, space age components can burn out quite easily, I’ve known people go through several PS3s and X-Box 360s, whereas in previous generations they may have lasted the console’s full lifetime. Same with Televisions, the more complex they get the more there is to go wrong. So it is only a matter of time before something goes *pop* and they can’t take it back to the shop… and I’d say there weren’t many of those rioters who could fix them, and they could be taking a risk taking stolen items to be fixed. That’s a silver lining to me. I hope they end up worrying about being caught or expelled from colleges or unis, fired from jobs if any have them. If they terrorise they deserve to be scared.

That’s about it, I had to vent in some way about this, people are talking about it as if it’s a Carnival, but large gatherings of emotional people are rarely calmed without incident. It seems likely someone will die. I hope it isn’t an innocent, but either way there could be a domino effect.

As they say on Crimewatch, don’t have nightmares, and do sleep well.


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