Rioting reflections

Hi again, here slightly later than I intended. I wanted to follow up on my last post, people in England have probably had their fill of the riots in the media, but some of my American friends weren’t aware of the scenes. So, the riots ended after about four days with over 1500 arrests the first time I looked, and a great deal of legal action. I imagined a mass trial like the chaotic scene in Batman begins- which is similar to a trial in I think Mexico, I don’t have the book I read about that in handy but if I remember rightly the crusading judge who innovated such procedures lost his life for his bravery.

Anyway, back to recent times. At my friend Caroline’s suggestion members of the youth group we attend, Youngminds, got together to discuss these events, because even though little happened in Leeds, it was all over the national media, showing people, mostly teens and young adults behaving in ways that may as well have been designed to enflame law abiding citizens and right wing newspaper readers alike. So we had a little photoshoot around town as part of a campaign through similar youth groups- young people holding up signs that read ‘not in my name’.

I procrastinated a little on this post, ended up finishing it with a migraine, while watching a particularly good episode of CSI:NY . This one is awesome actually, the lab being invaded after a drug bust. That’s probably gonna flag up this post as something weird but oh well, might get another reader even if they’re a moderator. I have a meeting with the trustee board of the market place charity soon, not sure how much I mentioned, but hopefully, from either this or the next meeting on, I will join the board, I suppose representing the (former) youth, the troubled, and someone who’s been through it. Not that I’ve finished going through it.

So I’ll leave you for now, hopefully I’ll get back to writing when I’m feeling better and get back into the swing of it. I hope everyone’s doing well.


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