Bleary eye of the jaded Tiger

So I’ve not been blogging for a while besides typing up a few poems, and I haven’t really posted anything casual as far as I can remember but I have my laptop on, and I feel like typing without transcribing and maybe venting so here I am, sitting in bed watching Rescue me- which I’ve only recently got into and it’s on way late.

I have a bad history of typing when I’m tired- it’s the nearest I get to being drunk- but this is indirect so I’ll see what happens.

The date just ticked onto my least favourite day, the one which makes me feel a whole lot of negative feelings because I never have anyone to share it with, and because the hype for it starts early, so do those feelings. The only seasonal thing I ever feel like doing on this day is rereading the crimelibrary entry on the day’s eponymous massacre. Maybe I sound like a miserable sod but I’m trying to put different aspects of myself up here and this is me just now.

On the plus side yesterday was one of the first times I’ve been out lately where there wasn’t any ice to fall on- which I did last monthyear flattening my ankle. But that’s healed now, so I went and hurt something else, had a strenuous session at my theatre group and my back aches like hell. But that’s what happens when I move more than twice in a minute. It was fun though, as it always is, but that and my writing group are about the only things I’ve been out for this year and they’re monthly and fortnightly respectively.

I see Walker’s crisps are running a guess the mystery flavours campaign, the other night an ad was shown straight after one for durex condoms.. I’m not going to be trying those flavours. A few days before, that durex ad was followed by one for Dora the Explorer magazine. I still don’t know what to make of that.

Right, Rescue me’s finished so I guess now’s a good time to wrap up and go sleep.

I hope you’re doing well out there, it’s a bit late to be profound or profane so I’ll just say bye for now!


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