Don’t look down

A poem I came up with just now. The last line is deliberate even if it seems like the wrong word.


Don’t look down

People will ask what’s wrong with you

People will see what’s wrong with you

Dreams keep you safe, make you strong, make you happy

Till their world suffocates

On reality’s cold air seeping in through a careless eyelid

Another world every morning must sleep indefinitely as its master wakes

Perhaps never to return,

at least until their world ends.

I miss the lies sometimes

True love rested on my pillow

A breathless moment killed our embrace

The mind is where you are who you think you are

The mind is where you wonder who you think you are

You can walk through walls, juggle fire, see the future

You can fly, if you take control and shape your world.

But don’t look down,

Don’t let them catch you looking down

They won’t understand

You could fly to the sun if you wanted to

Why should you trouble yourself with things down there?

They don’t understand

It’s the view that resuscitates

To see beyond yourself

Brings the dream to live again.


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