Ingrate society

I am here again.
I have sleepwalked down your run-down streets,
Through the walls of glaring eyes.
Hearing their shouts spat at me,
miscellaneous insults
They see me but do not know me.
I am protected by weariness and purpose, purposeful weariness,
Weariness of purpose.
I could be so much
Humanity is so shameful it denies it’s own existence.
There’s nothing for it
But to go back,
And return tomorrow
Through the catch-as-catch-can can-can that claims to be life.
Maybe a big bang at Midnight will bring about a new world
The one I belonged to all along.
Probably not,
But all I can do is go out and see.
It would be a shame to miss a life I’ve waited for so long.


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