Those who can, help.

I’ve been dealing with charity work in some capacities for some time now. I’m due to be starting a volunteer placement soon, I’m a trustee with what I feel to be one of Leeds’s ( Meanwhile I’m looking for a real job, and an employment consultant at the place I’m going to showed me a job advertisement that I loved. It’s with a charity, will involve my Uni honed IT skills, my increasing confidence and organising volunteers. Every line read “I can do this“. I really wanted to make this an application that would blow someone of their chair. But of course, I muffed™ it. I think. I had next Thursday on my mind and when I read the Email with the deadline it was set there, I even put it in on the calendar app on my phone. So, as I reached a late part in the construction of this epic of inexperience and slight euphemism I had another look at said magic missive, I just about wet my laptop.

The deadline was that very day. Almost 2 hours ago in fact. The place went from the palm of my hand to the skin of my teeth. I hurriedly finished the form, -having to leave the holes I meant to plaster around to the angels. Or buzzards- and spent valuable time trying to accentuate some extinuation in the accompanying email. So, 2 hours late. It’s too early to know if it will get anywhere. But the uncanny accuracy of the job description made me feel like there is a place for me. I always think when I leave things to do when I’m feeling better that I assume “tomorrow I’ll be Superman!” A reasonable assumption perhaps, but often disproved. But perhaps this is a way that I can be more. Whether or not I get this job I’m going to look to charities.

I try to be polite where I can, very much so actually, holding doors long before people notice but I am happy to. I like helping people and it’s about time to bring it forward. I can still hold doors for people who don’t really need it, but I can also open doors for those who do need it.

I hope you are all feeling good.

You’re welcome to share if you’re not. Be good to yourselves and each other. (Is that from a cartoon or something, it was just there in my head!?)

One last thing…



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