Christmas Spirit(s)

Christmas Spirit(s)


Christmas is a joyous day,

After an excited sleepless night

With a fir tree at the centrepiece,

Wrapped in blinking fairy lights.

It’s an old religious festival,

Regifted to all faiths,

Celebrated all across the land,

From the wealthy to the waifs.

It’s fun for all the family,

With all  our ways of sharing love,

Shaking hands with Grandad with a snowball in your glove!

It’s a time to let your rivals in,

To forgive and to forget,

To prepare a brand new calendar,

That’s clean of all regret.

Deep down in there you must remember,

The times you cherished in December.

Make room for another, you can always find a place,

Show some Christmas spirit in your heart and on your face,

Whatever you give, whatever you get,

Whatever you think you know,

There’s something to be said for everyone gathering around a show.

Now pass around your memories,

Your Ghosts of Christmas past,

When the Sherry’s polished off,

It’s those that are going to last.


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