Getting it Over With

Here’s a poem I wrote for a Christmas party. Typed it up a bit late but I’ll publish it here as a new years resolution- to revive my blog!

Remember remember the 5th of November,
But you never forget what happens in December,
It’s rammed down your throat,
And yelled in your ear,
As they try to sell you Christmas Cheer,
Caterwauling the familiar songs,
Those festive types do come on strong,
You’ll tire of all the martialled pleasance,
As you comb the shops for elusive presents,
You’ll keep it up just for the kids,
Back in when you thought you’d gotten rid,
Of the crowds, the panic, the rush of noise,
When the day comes, you’re frogmarched to the try at seven,
Then dozing off in front of the film by eleven,
But the mission’s accomplished, the kids are happy,
If you’ve changed the channel before the Queen gets yappy,
Next, round them up for a Christmas meal,
The green bits ever lack appeal…
And then- at last- it’s over for another year,
You can shut up about it, I don’t want to hear,
Another word about Christmas,


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